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We all LOVE Abaco and the Bahamas and want to make sure that it is protected for future Generations to Enjoy. This does not mean we are against Development or improving on stressed infrastructure of Abaco. It means that we feel that all persons should be consulted when it comes to these big decisions that are being made for Abaco. The decision that has been made concerning the Power Plant currently being constructed at Wilson City is flawed. There are many considerations that have not been addressed, such as the Health and Well Being of the Residents of Abaco, the Protection of the Marine Environment, the Ability to use Renewable Energy, the Location and the Use of Bunker C Fuel,

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What can I do NOW to reduce my
energy consumption?

1- If you walk out of the room, turn off the lights.

2 - Turn OFF ALL appliances when not in use.

3 - Replace regular light bulbs to CFL(compact fluorescent) or LED bulbs.

4 - Turn UP your thermostat when not at home or install a programable thermostat.

5 - Use window coverings to block the suns rays.

6 - Clean your air-conditioning filters.

7 - Use ceiling fans instead of air-conditioning and open your windows to the breeze.

8 - Plant trees and shrubs to shade your house.

9 - *PAINT YOUR ROOF WHITE OR USE WHITE SHINGLES. This can reduce your energy bill by as much as 20%.

10 - Caulk all your windows to prevent leaks.

11 - Use Propane or Solar Hot Water Heaters.

12 - Insulate attics and walls.

13 - Purchase only Energy Star rated Appliances.

14 - Use a gas stove WITHOUT a glow bar.

Teach your children about Conservation.

These are great sites for kids.



Responsible Development for

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Please visit Abaco CARES for more information about the WIlson City power plant.



We do not own these Islands, we only watch over them for our Children to pass on to theirs..

RDA (Responsible Development For Abaco) was created by a group of civic minded Abaconians and Grand Bahamians to be a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to challenge the development of the Wilson City Power Plant.

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It is the intention of RDA to launch court proceedings to try to halt the Plant or, at least to push, both through the courts and with public pressure, to mitigate the worst effects of the Plant.

RDA has also set out its formal objection to the Plant in letters to the Government which can be seen on the Abaco Cares Website.

RDA's Goals are:

1. To challenge the project principally on the basis of lack of proper consultation with persons who ought to have been consulted, environmental and location issues, and use of Bunker C as the source of energy.

2. To prevent the development as presently planned, raise awareness; coordinate and participate with others in a resistance and prevention campaign; seek to persuade the Government to properly consider alternative sites & sources of energy; and address safety, health and environmental issues.

3. Ensure that insofar as a power plant is going to be built, that RDA's views, concerns and position on the merits of the plant (location, source of fuel, health, safety and environment) are duly and properly considered before any final decisions are taken to continue with the power plant.

Who We Are:

RDA is a limited liability company that is open to all residents of Abaco and the Bahamas, be they Bahamian citizens or Non-Citizens.

The shares of RDA will be held in trust by 2 nominees of the law firm Callenders and Co. The lawyer representing RDA is Mr. Frederick Smith, QC. No shares will be issued to any members.

It will be run as a nonprofit. RDA will be the named plaintiff in any court actions, NOT any members. There will be no liability to any of the members..